Resume picture of Cliff Dean Smith in CIVIMI

Cliff Dean Smith

Back-End and Mobile Developer
I want to work and succeed in the IT field, especially special as a programmer who makes a variety of web-based applications, desktop, and mobile. A pride of its own if the hobby produce something useful.
STMIK Nusa Mandiri
9/2010 - 12/2014
Jakarta Indonesia
Bachelor Degree in Sistem Informasi GPA: 3.29
Bina Sarana Informatika (BSI)
9/2010 - 11/2013
Jakarta Indonesia
Associate Degree in Manajemen Informatika GPA: 3.34
Back-End and Mobile Developer
PT. Eannovate Creative Technology
3/2015 - Present
Jakarta Indonesia
- Create and working with logic for the system
- Create model and controller for the system
- Create and develop API for the system
- Created code with PHP and MySQL
- Adjustment the existing javascript code
- Develop for this website
- Develop project for clients
- Maintain for this website
- Tested and debug codes

- Design and build apps for the Android platform
- Developing applications using the Android SDK, for large and small screen
- Integrating native Android code with Java and XML
- Work with outside data sources and API’s
- Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
- Implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
- Writing and maintaining unit tests
Web Programmer - Apprentice
Multi Prima Universal (MPU)
4/2014 - 7/2014
Jakarta Indonesia
- Analyzing needs coal production monitoring system
- Designing the system requirements (ERD, UML)
- Create a monitoring system for coal production applications (using yii framework)
- Manage database coal production monitoring system (MySQL)
- Testing a monitoring system for coal production applications
College Teacher Assistant
Bina Sarana Informatika (BSI)
9/2013 - 1/2014
Jakarta Indonesia
- Assisting faculty in the classroom
- Teaching practicum subjects to college students
- Teaching programming language to college students
- Sharing skill in creating database applications
- Install the program practicum
- Troubleshoot error PC/laptop
- Reinstall the operating system
- Helps solve errors application in lab/classroom
- Guiding students in the final project/thesis
Desktop Programming (VB/VB.NET) Beginner
Database Management (MySQL) Intermediate
Web Programming (PHP) Intermediate
Ms. Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) Expert
Mobile Programming (Android) Beginner
Listening : Native
Speaking : Expert
Reading : Native
Writing : Native
Listening : Beginner
Speaking : Beginner
Reading : Intermediate
Writing : Intermediate